photo by Becka Dowding

Kris Weinrich grew up in Stony Point, NY.  He moved to southeastern Massachusetts at the age of 19 and graduated form Emerson College in December of 2002 with a BA in Audio Engineering and a Minor in Literature.  Kris is a poetry workshop facilitator for the Brockton Poetry Series presented by Brockton Arts at Fuller Craft Museum.  Along with Royale L’Radin, he hosts Night Slam, a poetry open mic and slam, which is also presented by Brockton Arts at Massasoit Community College.  Kris has featured at poetry venues in Easton, Brockton, Plymouth, Providence, and Cambridge.  He is also on the Brockton Arts board of directors as their Social Media Director promoting their events and programming.  His first chapbook of poems Threshold was printed in 2007.  His new collection is titled Between Streetlights And Stars.

“Threshold explored limitations and breaking points, beginnings and endings. This new collection explores the distance between what we have and what we desire. It’s also about risk. When you are under the sterile glow of streetlights, the stars are obscured. You have to venture out into the dark until you can see them.” – Kris Weinrich

About This Blog

This is basically my main website were I post my poems and links to the blogs I contribute to Mass Poetry.  I also have a tumblr page, but I post pretty much the same thing there as well, so feel free to pick whichever platform you prefer.

Here you will also find info and links to poetry venues and upcoming events, other poets I read (some of whom I am lucky enough to call friends), quotes from people I admire, and whatever observations and articles I find to be interesting.  The photos of me used here were taken by my dear friend Becka Dowding.  She, along with a lot of other really cool and talented poets, artists, bloggers, and critics,  can be found in my links page.