You’re Gonna Carry That Weight: Why You Should Watch “Cowboy Bebop”

I first saw a few episodes of Cowboy Bebop on cable TV in my late teens.  In my early 20s I rented the DVD’s from Netflix.  As this video by Eyepatch Wolf beautifully explains, unlike a lot of popular anime, Bebop is an adult show about adults; themes of loneliness, heartache, and being haunted by your past all loom large over a trio of bounty hunters in a strange landscape scattered across planets and space.

For me, the story arc that most resonated was Spike’s on-again-off-again search for his former lover Julia.  There was a woman whom I met in college, and for me to say I had a crush on her would be a gross understatement.  To make a long story short, keeping in touch with her proved difficult.  While I’m nowhere near as reckless or aloof as Spike, the way he will immediately abandon whatever he is working on to follow up on a lead as to Julia’s whereabouts, reminds me a great deal of how I felt about her.   Also, whenever I hear the song “Goodnight Julia” from the Bebop soundtrack,  I’m reminded of his struggle to find Julia, as well as my of how I struggled to find my own “Julia”.

Whether or not this show is new to you, give this video a watch:



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