Boycotting the Bullshit: from Oasis to Kanye

So, this happened.

Remember the band Oasis?  Remember how, for a lot of people, the quality of their work was overshadowed by their attitudes and antics?  Single after single would hit the airwaves, but I couldn’t bring myself to send a single dime to their wallets.  I’m sure a number of bands/artists I listened to back then are assholes in real life, but Oasis seemed committed to bring home medals in every category of the Asshole Olympics.

Flash forward to now and I still haven’t bought any of their music.  However, I did buy Ryan Adams’ achingly beautiful cover of “Wonderwall” some years ago.  Adams’ vocals alone are enough to eclipse the original.  The royalties from that purchase are still the sole scrap of my money that has come their way.

Enter Kanye West.

This is Oasis all over again, but now with Prescription Strength Douchebaggery.  It didn’t take long for West to breach my you-ain’t-getting-a-dime-from-me threshold.  That man didn’t just breach it, he went interstellar. You could fly the Millennium Falcon at lightspeed  for a decade and you still couldn’t reach the zone of “Oh Hell No I Am Not Spending My Money On That Shit” where I have filed Kanye West.

None of this is to say that I have not been occasionally moved by his music.  The song he wrote for his mother with Paul McCartney brought tears to my eyes and made me think of my own mother.  Yet, his arrogance and narcissism rendered me incapable of buying a single damn song from his discography.

Today he tweeted his support for Bill Cosby.

I didn’t think it was possible, but now a Millennium Falcon going full tilt wouldn’t be enough to reach my new “Oh Hell No” zone for West.  You would need a Tardis.  We aren’t just talking space and distance, now we are talking time and dimensions.

So, gentle reader, my question for you:

Is their an artist/band whom you regard as talented, but have chosen to boycott?


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