Gallery 33 presents: The Jacmel Project – Reflection & Celebration


Gallery 33 presents: “The Jacmel Project – Reflection and Celebration”

Brockton Arts is proud to present our first show at Gallery 33 is “The Jacmel Project – Reflection and Celebration” in partnership with longtime collaborators the Haitian Artists Assembly of Massachusetts (HAAM). The Jacmel Project is a series of ongoing art installations showcasing work by artists from Haiti as well as the local Haitian diaspora, which relate to the earthquake and its effects. Brockton Arts and HAAM united to get the artists painting again, have their stories heard, and to have a marketing initiative to benefit the artistic community.

This installation features artwork by masters, teachers, and their students. All the works on display are for sale, with proceeds going to the artists, an arts academy in Jacmel, Haiti, Brockton Arts and our friends at HAAM. Our previous showcases of the Jacmel Project have sent upwards of $22,000 to Haiti. Our opening reception will be held on Saturday evening November 21st from 6pm to 11pm. Please come out to support the artists and support a good cause!


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