Home From Vacation and Back in Action.


Had a great time with my family in upstate New York.  This photo was originally taken by my sister when we were on a ferry crossing Lake Champlain from Burlington VT to Fort Kent NY.  I like this shot because it makes my Dad and I look like we’re thinking of a master plan.  He’s looking and feeling great after a long, hard fight with cancer.  When I posted a note about his diagnosis on Facebook a year or so ago, my friend Charlie remarked, “Karl is such a BAMF I feel sorry for the cancer.  It clearly has no idea who it’s messing with.”  This has turned out to be very true!

Met with Arnie Danielson today about DBAMFEST 2014.  So much work has yet to be done but I’m feeling pretty energized for it all after vacation.  I just hope the work load at my job doesn’t suck too much wind from my sails.  Over the years I’ve learned a lot about what it takes to get a festival going.  It’s a long and arduous process with many stops, restarts, roadblocks, and upsets.  There are moments of glory when things fall into place and days when you really want to strange someone.

On that note you might find me listening to a lot more rap songs about having a love/hate relationship with the game than I usually do:


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