Come see Dark Matter live at the Awesome Show 8/27

I first saw Dark Matter live at the second annual Downtown Brockton Arts & Music Festival in 2012.  I was impressed by both their music and their witty stage banter.  Actually, Destiny and Manny could have their own TV show and I would watch the shit out of it, no lie!  They will be coming back for the 3rd Annual DBAMfest this Saturday.  They recently released a new mix tape Black’s Theory. So far my favorite song off of it is “Rebel’s Dance”.  I picked up my copy at their release party the other week.  Their performance was top notch as always but it fell victim to a really, really bad sound mix.  I’ve been noticing a lot of rap DJ’s getting lazy with how they try to mix both vocals AND music into only one speaker, thus resulting in audio clusterfuckery.  If you can’t make it to DBAMfest on Saturday then you should come see them this Tuesday at the Awesome Show at Max’s Blues Cafe in Brockton.

Not only are they talented musicians they are also great people.  Destiny and Manny are two of the most hard working people I’ve met on the entire South Shore, let alone Brockton. They’ve even come to Night Slam a few times to grace us with their music.  I’m looking forward to seeing these two live and so should you.  Support local artists!



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