The Hipster is as big a coward as the Fundamentalist.

So after reading Christy Wampoles’ really well-written NYT opinion piece “How To Live Without Irony” I kept scrolling down and found this brilliant comment:

“I think to fully understand the hipster you have to place him alongside the fundamentalist. The hipster and the fundamentalist are two sides of the same fake coin; they are both fearful people. The first is too afraid of looking like a fool to risk being wrong or right; the second is so afraid of ambiguity, of not knowing the difference between wrong and right, that he throws himself blindly into “faith.” They are equally fearful responses to the moral ambiguity of life. The hipster stands outside every attempt at sincere living, mocking anyone who tries to find a moral center; the fundamentalist pretends there is no question about it, there is only one center, one God, one true, one good, and he has found it.” –  Chris Buczinsky, Arlington Heights, IL


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