Have I told you how much I love VAST?

“There’s no angels here,
just a light to lead the way.
There’s no innocence,
only strangers…”

Have you ever found out about a band, told yourself you would check out more of their music someday, and when you finally do so years later, you feel like kicking yourself for not having started listening to them much earlier?  VAST (or Visual Audio Sensory Theater) is one of those bands for me.  I had heard their song “Touched” on a promotional compilation that came with my subscription to Alternative Press in the late 90’s.  Considering the number of albums we all bought back then solely on the strength of just one single, I am still annoyed that I did not pick up a copy of their first album until about 2004.

“Lost” is actually from their third album Nude.  Both “Touched” and “Lost” display what VAST mastermind Jon Crosby does best: skyward-soaring hooks that sound like they were meant to be heard on a mountaintop and lush, atmospheric arrangements that wash over you like a dream.  Hell, even the mostly acoustic based album April, still sounds otherworldly even without their usual use of synths and sampling.

I could go on about how maddening it is that VAST isn’t much more popular, but all that energy is better spent on telling people what they are missing out on.  If you’re a fan of albums like Disintegration, Achtung Baby, and The Fragile, then let Crosby and co. take you some place else.  


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