“How Crap Music Made Me a Music Fan” by Huntress Thompson

How crap music made me a music fan.

I know how useful older siblings are with music because I am one. I am still that cultural conduit for my younger brother and sister. When my sister was 13, she was listening to Arcade Fire’s first EP, because I gave it to her. When I was 13, I was listening to Hanson. I was listening to Hanson because I liked that you could see them playing their instruments in the Mmmbop video even though they were my age, and because I thought at the time that they had pioneered harmonizing, because I’d never heard it before. Do you see what I’m driving at here?

Everyone needs that older sibling (friend, family member) to help guide them on their quest for good music. I’ve played that role and others have played it for me. this is a great article touching on many points I will have to blog about in the future.


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