On Johnny Depp playing Tanto in the new Lone Ranger Movie

When I saw that Depp was playing Tanto, I wretched.  Would it have killed Hollywood to have an actual Native American play this role?  This blog sums it up nicely:

Oh Johnny… Honey. No. Just No..

I am a middle class, white girl from Sydney. I am far and away not the most politically correct person you will ever meet. Sometimes, I put my foot in it. I’m working on that. But I am a big fan of the idea that words are as powerful as the person being victimised by them tells you they are. To me, the fact that several prominent Native American people have come out and said that this portrayal upsets them is enough to make me more than a little uncomfortable. Popular culture is one of those things that seeps into your brain when you least expect it. If you’re not paying attention and thinking critically then you can let it drastically alter your perceptions without even realising it.


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