Photos from “100K Poets for Change” at Gallery X

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Had a good time at Gallery X for 100,00 Poets for Change, hosted by Patricia Gomes.  Got to see some familiar faces and made connections with new ones.  It was great to see and hear from Dawn Lopes again.  I asked if I could get some video of her doing her thing but she wasn’t  up for it.  Damn shame because the song she performed was really great!  I hadn’t seen Sean Theall since Mitch Berg’s feature at the Main Street Cafe.  As if all the personal stuff he’s been through wasn’t enough, his venue shut down.  Fortunately the same venue has been purchased and renovated by new management.  If all goes well, he’ll be back in business in a few months or so.

I also got to chat with Maggie Cleveland.  We kept seeing each other at various venues but this was the first time we spoke. Her poem combined technical writing with poetry in a really compelling way.  She’s got a new chapbook coming out soon! Also met Tasha Martin, president of 13 Poet Society.  Always nice to meet someone else doing nonprofit work to foster artistic growth and action on a local level.

Dawn was kind enough to get some video of me reading poems.  When I get the chance I’ll edit and upload them.  Stay tuned!


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