Wil Gibson at GotPoetry Live

Last night I made it to GotPoetry Live at Blue State Coffee in Providence for the first time ever.  Jay Walker hosted, Wil Gibson featured, got to see Yunus and my buddy Rich Berg again, a great night of poetry.  Since I was new I ended up going first, no big deal.  I read Light The City.  It’s easy to feel relaxed and welcome at this venue, I really dig the atmosphere.

Wil Gibson was amazing.  He covered a wide variety of topics and themes.  My favorite of the night was his persona poem written from the POV of Michael Myers from the Halloween movies.  Lesser poets would stoop to kitsch when writing about a horror icon, but Gibson made it a serious and engaging poem about what goes on in the mind of a madman.

This youtube vid is not from last night, but it serves as a powerful example of what Gibson can do:

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GotPoetry Live
every Tuesday night at 8:00 pm
Blue State Coffee on 300 Thayer St. Providence, RI


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